7 Common Event Planning Mistakes

image of buffet an table set up for event at jillians

Planning a Larger scale event is no small task, even a small birthday party can be a challenge. These events can take weeks or months to plan correctly. Don’t fall victim to these common mistakes when planning your next soiree. (Disclaimer: Some of these mistakes are geared towards large scale events)

Not setting a budget

Budgets should not be overlooked! Go into planning your event with a set budget in mind. That way when you first start working you know what you can have/get for your money. Setting a budget will help to decrease your chances of spending more than you need to.

Trying to do it all by yourself

Sometimes you need to ask for help.  No matter the size of the event there are a lot of factors that go into having a successful event. You can still be a perfectionist just with some assistance.

Not having enough food or drinks available

Food and drinks make or break a party. If you run out of food, you may have “hangry guests” and that will set the mood for the event. When looking at food options for your party, more is always a good idea. Pro-tip, if you are hosting an event at a venue some locations will refill platters/or buffets throughout your event.

Not having enough social media presence (AKA: Promotions)

Get the word out! You need guests in order for your event to function. Don’t drop the ball on your event. If you are planning a smaller party, make sure you send out your invitations in an orderly manner. If your event is on the larger scale send a Facebook Invite, Tweet about it. Share it everywhere! This will allow people time to purchase tickets or take time off for the event.

Not having correct amount of event staff

This is often an oversight when planning a larger scale party. If you don’t have the adequate amount of servers or bartenders, guests will be waiting for their beverages and food. Make sure you have a good ratio between server and guest. With the right amount of staff on hand, the event can function smoothly.

Not Confirming Vendors

Always confirm with outside vendors. These companies book numerous events and sometimes your event might be overlooked. It is smart to check in with vendors a couple weeks or even a couple days beforehand to confirm everything. Even better, book an event were everything is include and there is no need to book outside vendors.

Not thanking attendees (Mostly geared towards a large event)

This mistake doesn’t always apply to every party. If you are hosting a large scale event (example: possibly a fundraiser or gala) it is a nice courtesy to send a thank you for attending. This will leave the guests happy and more likely to attend another event you may have in the future. Without the guests the event wouldn’t be a success.


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