And It Begins, March Mania!

graphic promoting march mania at lucky strike

This week marked the start of this year’s NCAA college basketball tournament also known as, March Madness. Since you’re going to be hearing a lot about it in the coming weeks, we’re breaking down the basics.

What is it?

March Madness is the annual NCAA college basketball tournament where 68 Men’s College Basketball teams and 64 Women’s teams compete in rounds to take home the Championship title. Teams play against each other, eliminating one another to create the Sweet 16, Elite Eight, and Final Four, all leading up to the National Championship. For the Men’s tournament, the National Championship game takes place on April 4th, while the Women’s National Championship game takes place on April 5th. This is a big time for college athletes to show the country & the NBA their skills.


What’s with the Brackets?

They’re popping up everywhere, your office is starting a pool and prediction articles fill your news feed so, what’s with the brackets? Viewers fill out these brackets to predict who will win each round and ultimately the tournament. Die-hard fans take these picks seriously, comparing past games and statistics just to come out on top. Good news though, you don’t have to be a college basketball guru to play.  Make a bracket just for fun, maybe you’ll guess right! You never know what can happen on the court…


Where can you watch?

All of the games will be airing on TV networks such as CBS and TBS. Where are you going to watch the games? Join us for all of the action at Jillian’s Lucky Strike. We have HD Video walls, 22 lanes, billiards tables, full bar & menu, plus our slam dunk appetizer platter!

Grab your brackets and a beer, it’s going to be a great tournament with fierce competition. Who do you think is going to cut down the net this year?