Bowling Tips for the New Year

image of bowling lanes with lucky strike logo on screens

The impending New Year frequently begets resolutions. In case you are one of the many who are dedicated to improving their bowling skills in 2017, here are some tips below to keep in mind:

  1. Take a very short first step. Taking a short first step will help you to maintain your balance in the approach; each step thereafter should be slightly longer than the last to build momentum towards the release of the ball.
  2. Match the height of the ball to your tempo. Where you hold the ball in your stance depends upon how fast your stride is. For a slower stride, hold the ball closer to your chest. If you have a faster stride to the lane, hold it closer to your waist.
  3. Use a relaxed swing. Putting too much muscle behind your swing could make you unbalanced and limit the mobility of your arms. Don’t squeeze the ball as hard as you can when you grip the bowling ball.
  4. Move in the direction of the miss. This is the Golden Rule of bowling. If your initial roll misses to the left of your intended pinks, move to the left on your approach when you line up. If it misses to the right, move more to the right.
  5. Aim the push away from your lane target. Make sure that the ball moves in a straight line toward your target in the lane.

Happy New Year!

We hope to see you at Jillian’s Boston Lucky Strike soon!