Free Bowling with Mustaches in November

image of male bowling
Mustaches: some of the best people grow them.

Mustaches: some of the best people grow them.

Truly splendid, amazingly delightful events happen in the month of November: there is football Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays; we have Thanksgiving, which henceforth means mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey and a prime opportunity to overindulge in edible delicacies without feeling too bad about yourself. November is also the month in which we strive to bring attention to men’s general health issues and disseminate information about them to the public.

To commemorate ‘Movember’, Lucky Strike is offering a “Grow a Mustache, Bowl for Free” promotion for the entire month of November. That means if you come to Lucky Strike sporting a ‘stache and mention it to our staff, you will get a free game of bowling. We do acknowledge that men historically have had an easier time growing mustaches compared to women; however, we do not want to leave the ladies out of this promotional opportunity either – which is why we encourage creativity to make this promo work for everyone. Mustaches have been worn by some of the world’s best people: Groucho Marx, Tom Selleck, Freddie Mercury, Burt Reynolds. The list, seemingly, does not end. This offer is only valid Sunday-Thursday before 8pm and is subject to lane availability.

Participate in the movement, come to Lucky Strike and bowl!