Play Pool Like a Pro (Even If You’ve Never Played Before)

image of billiards tables and couches on second floor of jillians

Are you a newbie when it comes to playing pool? No worries, because we’ve made a list of some tips that will [maybe] make you look like a pro next time you’re out with friends.

Chalk up your cue-tip before taking a shot.

The chalk will help your shot and will allow you to put more spin on the cue ball.

Look Behind You

The last thing you need is to accidentally hit a wall when shooting or a even someone playing pool at the neighboring table.

Stay Down

Don’t stand up too quickly after making your shot, you could affect the contact of the cue ball.

Be Still

A small movement can change everything. Your arm should be the only part of your body moving while you take a shot.

Pay Attention to Your Opponent

Watch and see what they are doing, you never know what you can learn from your competition.