Mid-Winter Check-In

image of bar with stool and video wall

Now that January, a historically abysmal month for tanning, playing bocce and organizing backyard luaus, is upon us we at Jillian’s would like to proffer some ideas to help you pass the time as we enter winter’s astronomical midway point in our journey around that massive, scorching ball of hot gas we call the sun. If you haven’t already exhausted all your options to avoid boredom, here are some suggestions:


  1. Get in touch with your inner Jane Austen and write. That’s right – write! Writing can be intimidating because half the time we don’t really know what we want to say. But it’s okay – I’m improvising my way through this blog post as we speak! More often than not, the more we write and push ourselves through that barrier of fear, we come to discover what it is we truly believe and, ultimately,  learn more about the way we think.
  2. Do a good deed for someone you don’t know. Hey, why not? It’s a new year – time to turn over a new leaf; even if it means just buying a coffee for the person standing behind you in line. If everyone paid it forward, eventually you would become the recipient of another stranger’s kindness.
  3. Read a book a week for the next year. Reading can help improve your critical thinking abilities, sharpen your focus at work and make your life feel more focused and enriched.


If all else fails, you can still come to Lucky Strike and bowl! We’ll be here.