Planning a Bachelorette Bash

image of champagne glasses cheering

With warm weather upon us, brides are getting ready to say “I do” at their summer weddings. Before the big day there is one crucial event that cannot be missed, the Bachelorette Party.

Every bride needs the last fling before the ring. It’s the last time to go all out while the bride is still “single.” Planning a Bachelorette party is no easy feat. The recipe to a good night is to make sure everything is planned. Here is a short list of everything you need to make the bride’s last single night a success.

  1. Sash and/or crown – Let everyone know what you are celebrating! It’s all about the bride.
  2. Goody Bags – Pack them with novelty items, candy or whatever you see fit.
  3. An Itinerary – Where are you going? Bachelorette parties can be a night event or an all day affair. Are you going to the spa? Do you want to go dancing? When are you going to eat? It’s important to plan ahead. If you have a large group, always reach out to make the proper arrangements.
  4. Have fun! Let loose and enjoy celebrating with the bride.

Looking for a venue to host a Bachelorette Party? Jillian’s Boston Lucky Strike offers an array of things to do. Bowl a couple of strings, start a friendly competition of pool or head on down to Tequila Rain to dance the night away!