This is Why We’re Excited for Opening Day

Image of fenway park

In lieu of the Red Sox Opening Day on Monday, here are 10 reasons why you should be excited!

  1. It’s officially spring time in Boston, which means summer is just around the corner!

Opening Day is a landmark event that reminds us warm days are on the way. Whether it’s warm or not on Opening Day, we’re ready to move on from winter in Boston.

  1. Fenway is open again

America’s oldest and most beloved ballpark is up and running. When baseball isn’t in town, Fenway is still packed with events and concerts.



  1. Wally is back (And his sister Tessie too!)

The man, the myth, the legend. When Wally is roaming around Lansdowne again, you know the Red Sox are officially in season.



  1. You can get an authentic Fenway Frank again.

Who doesn’t love a good Fenway Frank?! And of course the rest of classic ballpark food (Peanuts and Cracker Jack anyone?)

hot dog


  1. Bars & Restaurants in Fenway

Whether you’re going to the game or not, Lansdowne Street is alive again when the Red Sox are back at Fenway. It’s your perfect pre and post-game destination.



  1. The Patriots we’re cordially invited to Opening Day

Enough said. 5x the fun. There’s nothing better than Boston sports.


  1. More wins for Boston

We’re a city of champions… and will hopefully add more victories to the list this Red Sox season.

Red Sox_win


  1. Sweet Caroline

Your favorite sing-along is BACK- SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOD

Neil Diamond Fenway

  1. Mr. Pin

Wally isn’t the only mascot roaming around Lansdowne! Mr. Pin will be back roaming around Fenway with free bowling coupons all season long!

Mr. Pin & Wally


  1. Jillian’s Boston Lucky Strike

And of course… right at the end of Lansdowne is your favorite game day spot. 34 TVs, full game day menu, multiple bars, tons of seating, bowling, billiards, and more. Be sure to stop in before or after all of the Red Sox games this season!

Gif - LSJ