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Arcade Games Couples Should Play Together

image featuring multiple arcade games

February is already here which gives you a good reason to improve your quality date planning skills. In other words, Netflix and Chill is out in 2020 – we’re bringing back the classics! Lucky Strike is the ideal location for all of the love birds out there. Here are some ideas for you and your lucky date to enjoy together!

Dark Escape 4D

Team work makes the dream work! From 3D graphics to surround sound, vibrating seats and even sudden puffs of air during jump scares, this game does its best to provide a fully immersive experience for its players to take on quite the scary mission. Also doesn’t hurt that a terrifying horror game may give a good excuse to cozy up together!

Air Hockey

A little friendly competition definitely adds a new layer of fun to a date and air hockey has the talent of pulling that out of everybody. Whether it’s one game or 5 to determine a true victor, it’s fun to challenge your date every now and then!

Carnival Games

Lucky Strike makes sure to keep a good variety of classic arcade games to hold onto the vintage feel! From skeeball to arcade basketball to milk jug toss, it’s always fun to grind out game after game to rack up as many tickets as possible.  As an added bonus to the date, consider splurging some of those tickets together in the prize shop afterwards. We have a number of treats to share!

Claw Machine

While claw machines obviously aren’t multiplayer games, they’re still a classic romantic gesture. After all, what could be sweeter than winning a cute stuffed toy from the claw machine for your significant other? Even if you aren’t quite able to come out as a winner, your date is sure to appreciate the thought behind it.