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What to do for The Big Game this Year

image of men watching tv intensely

It’s that time of year again, the Big Game is coming up! Our beloved New England Patriots yet again (big surprise) take the field in search for another ring. As the weekend looms closer, you’re probably trying to finalize your plans and decide how you will properly spend that special Sunday.

Well, here are the different ways people will most likely spend their day.


At home:

Some people prefer to camp out at home during the game so they can be on their own couch, have their own beer & food, and ensure they will not miss a moment of that game.


At a friend or family member’s house:

Traditions are a big thing. If you’re used to doing the same thing every time this day rolls around, then you’re going to stick with it. If that means always going to your friend’s home, then that’s the plan for Sunday! You can’t go changing up the plan, that’s bad luck, and Tom Brady needs our support.


Go to a bar or restaurant:

Grab your crew and camp out at a bar/restaurant for the day while you drink, eat, hang out & watch the game. You have all your favorite people in one place and you can also make friends with fellow Pats fans at the bar.


Last but not least, and definitely the best option…


Spend the day at Lucky Strike Social:

We have everything you need in one place!

There will be food, drinks, bowling, billiards, & arcade games, plus a chance to win $250 or more in our Super Kick-back Jackpot Contest. You can hang out on our 3rd floor and watch the game on our HD video wall. Oh and did we mention Game Day food specials? We hope to see you there!