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Improve Your Billiards Game

image of billiards tables and tables in vip room

Interested in improving your billiards skill? We have you covered with a break down of some billiards terms that will help you turn pro. Let’s see your competitive side because we are ready for some pool!

Bank Shot

A bank shot is when a rail is used to help pocket a ball. In some instances, a bank so can include hitting the object ball off of the cushion or hitting the cue ball off of the cushion before hitting the object ball. However, it’s important to note that it is not an obvious shot and must be called in games requiring called shots.

The Double

A double hit is an illegal shot involving the tip of the cue stick coming into contact with the cue ball twice during the execution of a single shot. This foul may occur through double clutching the cue ball or in situations where the cue ball is nearly frozen to the object ball or rail. You have been warned, watch out for penalties!

The Draw Shot

The Draw Shot is when the cue ball spins back after having contact with an object ball. This is one of the most fun and impressive shots in the game of pool. It also is an essential part of every good pool player’s game. The ability to draw and control this shot gives you a chance to get shape, avoid trouble and break up clusters of balls. Mastering the draw shot will also contribute to your overall pool ability.

With your new knowledge, it’s time to see what you have learned! Show us what you got and we’ll meet you at the pool tables.