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National Bowling Day

image of kid watching bowling ball go down the lanes

Every year on the 2nd Saturday in August we celebrate National Bowling Day!  Here at Jillian’s Boston Lucky Strike, it’s our favorite holiday (for obvious reasons).

This national holiday is thanks to the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America, Inc., who first sponsored the holiday in 1956. It was first enacted to raise money for the American Red Cross, with hundreds of bowling tournaments across the United States—millions went out and supported the cause!

Bowling is said to date back to as long ago as 3200 BC, meaning it’s one of the oldest sports known today. Though some historians argue about the exact origin of bowling, it’s nevertheless a sport that’s been around for thousands of years and is still one of the most popular sports today!

Here are the top reasons we love bowling here at Jillian’s Boston Lucky Strike:

  • You can bowl no matter how old or young you are!
  • You can bowl any time of the year—fall, winter, spring, or summer!
  • You can bowl competitively or just to socialize!
  • Bowling is good for your physical AND mental health!
  • Bowling is easy for anyone to understand!

Come by Jillian’s Boston Lucky Strike on August 12th to celebrate this special day with us!