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Spring Has Sprung: What To Do In Boston

picture of lansdowne street with trees blooming

Believe it or not, spring has been here for a few weeks, but it definitely has not felt like it. We’re still wearing our boots and puffy winter jackets, but Boston is certainly ready to put those away and not think about them until next year.

Maybe we can wish winter away by thinking about some fun things to do in Boston this spring season *crosses fingers*.

Here are some things we’re excited to do once the weather warms up!

  1. Catch a game at Fenway Park- Opening day is just a few days away, which is always a highly anticipated day for Bostonians. The Red Sox Home Opener marks the beginning of spring even if the weather hasn’t caught on yet. Nothing beats a Fenway Frank and singing to Sweet Caroline.
  2. Shop on Newbury Street- Once the weather gets warmer; shopping on Newbury Street is always a good idea. No more being cramped and confined in an indoor mall, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors while shopping around.
  3. Enjoy the Food Trucks- Who doesn’t love food trucks? It’s always fun trying new foods, and what better way to do that than enjoying the nice weather and browsing the food truck options.
  4. Visiting the Public Garden – Once you step into the public garden you’ll forget you’re in the middle of a city! Take a stroll through the garden on a beautiful day and don’t forget about the Swan Boats. You can take a ride of these starting April 14th.
  5. Visit Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co- If you love exploring new breweries, you’ll love Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co, which occupies our first floor. In addition to craft beer, we have delicious bites, and lots of fun games to play. Make Cheeky Monkey your spring go-to – there’s even a patio for the super nice days.
  6. Hang out with us at Lucky Strike Social- We like to save the best for last, which is us, obviously. We’re super excited for this spring season, with our new 2nd floor arcade room! Get lost in games ranging from carnival classics to super deluxe attractions. If you feel guilty about being inside while it’s nice out, just remember April showers bring May flowers.

Here’s to spring, Boston! We look forward to see you on the corner of Ipswich and Lansdowne this this season.